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fifa world cup 14
FAQ written by TheMightyRoast


Go to [[Customise]]>Customise Controls to set up your control preferences. Select one of the three controller configurations (Classic, Alternate and Two Button) to use and turn the Trainer On if you want to learn whilst playing.

The control instructions below refer to the Classic controller configuration. These controls can be found in [[Customise]]>Gameplay Controls, [[Customise]]>Skill Moves and [[Customise]]>Celebrations.


Attacking – simple
Short pass/HeaderA
Lob pass/Cross/HeaderX
Through ballY
Trigger player runLB
Chip shotLB + B
Finesse shotRB + B
Fake shotB then A + direction
Fake passX then A + direction

Attacking - advanced
Hard stop protect (when dribbling)LT
Lobbed through ballLB + Y
Bouncing lob passRB + X
Low crossX * 2
Ground crossX * 3
Early crossLB + X
Dummy a passRB press and hold
CancelLT + RT
Finesse passRB + A
Flair shotLT pull and hold + B


Move playerLS
First touch/knock-onRT + RS + diretion
Skill movesRS
Stop & face goalLB + no direction
Stop ballRT + no direction
SprintRT + direction
Protect/Slow dribble/JockeyLT + direction
Face up dribblingLT + RT


Offside trapD-Pad up then up
Team pressD-Pad up then down
Swap wingsD-Pad up then left
CB joins attackD-Pad up then right
Decrease attacking mentalityD-Pad left
Increase attacking mentalityD-Pad right


Change playerLB
Switch player (manual)RS + direction
Tackle/Push or pull (when chasing)B
Sliding tackleX
JockeyLT pull and hold
ContainA press and hold
Teammate containRB press and hold
Running jockeyLT + RT pull and hold
Pull and hold (when chasing)B press and hold

Drop kickB/X
Charge/Drop ballY
Stay on goal lineY (double tap)
Pick up the ballRB
Switch to GKBack button


Set pieces

Free kicks
Ground passA
High pass/CrossX
Curled shotB
Driven shotLB + B
Wall jump (when defending)Y
Wall chargeA
Move wallLT or RT
Wall creepRB

Free kick (advanced)
Call 2nd kick takerLT
2nd kick taker curled shotLT + B
2nd kick taker layoff passLT + A
2nd kick taker layoff chipLT + X
2nd kick taker run over ballLT + B then A
Call 3rd kick takerRB
3rd kick taker curled shotRB + B
3rd kick taker run over ballRB + B then A

Corners and throw ins
Corners (lob cross)X
Corners (low cross)X (double tap)
Corners (ground cross)X (triple tap)
Corners (pass)A
Short throw inA
Short throw in (manual)Y
Long throw inX
Move throw in receiverRS + direction

Penalty kick
Finesse shotRB + B
Chip shotLB + B
Goalkeeper diveRS + direction
Goalkeeper move side to sideLS + direction


Be a Pro

Attacking off the ball
Call for pass/crossA
Call for or suggest through ballY
Suggest shotB

Goalkeeper (Attacking off the ball)
Call for pass or suggest passA
Suggest through ballY
Suggest crossX
Suggest shotB
Toggle camera targetBack button

Goalkeeper (Defending own box)
DiveRS + direction (hold)
DiveA + direction (hold)
AutopositioningLB press and hold
Slow movement facing ballLT + LS
Charge/PunchY press and hold
Dive at feetX
Anticipation saveB
2nd defender containRB press and hold
Toggle camera targetBack button


Skill Moves

Skill Moves

Skills moves can be performed by all players. The type of skill your player can execute depends on his skill level. A player with the highest skill level can perform the most difficult and effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler version of a trick or may altogether fail in his attempt of that skill. The speed at which a skill move is executed depends on your player’s agility attribute. For example, an agile player like Cristiano Ronaldo can perform skills at a much quicker pace than a player with lower agility.

All of the skills are broken down into five levels of difficulty. One-star moves are the most basic and can be performed by all players in the game. Two-, three-, and four-star moves can be done by players who are relatively skilful in real life. Five-star moves can only be performed by the most skilled footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

The controls listed below assume that the controlled player is moving vertically upwards and should be amended depending on your player’s direction.

1 star moves
Ball juggle (while standing)Hold LT + tap RB
Foot fake (while standing)Hold LB

2 star moves
Body feint rightRS flick right
Body feint leftRS flick left
Stepover rightRS up clockwise through to RS right
Stepover leftRS up anticlockwise through to RS left
Reverse stepover rightRS right anticlockwise though to RS up
Reverse stepover leftRS left clockwise though to RS up
Ball roll leftRS hold left
Ball roll rightRS hold right)
Drag back (while standing)RB + LS flick down

3 star moves
Heel flickRS flick up down
Flick upRS flick up up up
Roulette rightRS down clockwise through to RS right
Roulette leftRS down anticlockwise through to RS left
Fake left and go rightRS left anticlockwise through to RS right
Fake right and go leftRS right clockwise through to RS left

4 star moves
Ball hop (while standing)Tap RS
Heel to heel flickRS flick up down
Simple rainbowRS flick down up up
Advanced rainbowRS flick down hold up flick up
Feint left & exit rightRS left anticlockwise through to RS right
Feint right & exit leftRS right clockwise through to RS left
Spin leftRS diagonally down left diagonally down left
Spin rightRS diagonally down right diagonally down right
Stop and turn left (while running)RS flick up flick left
Stop and turn right (while running)RS flick up flick right
Ball roll cut rightRS hold left hold LS right
Ball roll cut leftRS hold right hold LS left

5 star moves
ElasticoRS right clockwise through to RS left
Reverse elasticoRS left anticlockwise through to RS right
Quick ball rollsRS hold down
Hocus pocusRS down clockwise through to RS left, RS left anticlockwise through to RS right
Triple elasticoRS down anticlockwise through to RS right, RS right clockwise through to RS left
Ball roll and flick left (while running)RS hold right flick up
Ball roll and flick right (while running)RS hold left RS flick up
Sombrero flick (while standing)RS flick up up down
Turn & spin leftRS flick up flick left
Turn & spin rightRS flick up flick right
Ball roll fake left (while standing)RS hold left then RS flick right
Ball roll fake right (while standing)RS hold right then RS flick left
Rabona fake (while jogging)Hold LT + X or B then A + LS down
Elastico chop leftRS flick down flick left
Elastico chop rightRS flick down flick right

5 star juggling tricks
Laces flick upLT + hold RB
Sombrero flick backwardsHold LS down
Sombrero flick leftHold LS left
Sombrero flick rightHold LS right
Around the worldRS full turn clockwise or RS full turn anticlockwise
In air elasticoRS flick left flick right
Reverse in air elasticoRS flick right flick left
Flick up for a volleyHold LS up
Chest flickLS up hold LS tap RS triple tap
T. around the worldRS full turn clockwise then RS flick up


User Controlled Celebrations

The controls for this section can be found in [[Customise]] >Celebrations.

You can skip UCC by pressing RB + LB.

Running Moves
One arm raisedHold B
Thumb suckHold X
Ear twistHold Y
Finger pointsTap B then hold B
Arms outTap X then hold X
Wrist flickTap Y then hold Y
AirplaneHold RS
Point to skyHold RS up
Shhhhh!Hold RS right
TelephoneHold RS down
Can you hear me?Hold RS left
Hands outFlick RS right then hold RS left
Come on!Flick RS left then hold RS right
Blow kissesFlick RS down then hold RS up
Double arm swingFlick RS up then hold RS down
Flying birdFlick RS right then hold RS right
Hand on headFlick RS left then hold RS left
Heart symbolFlick RS down then hold RS down
Arms pointing upFlick RS up then hold RS up
WindmillSpin RS full turn clockwise

Finishing Moves
Spanish danceHold LT flick RS up up
The businessHold LB Flick RS down down
Riding the waveHold LB press Y
Belly flopHold LB press X
Point to the SkyHold LB press B
Show respectHold LB double tap B
Standing archerHold LB hold RS right
Punch & dodgeHold LB hold RS left
Chest slideHold LB flick RS down up
Point upHold LB flick RS left right
Signature finishing movePress A
Backflip (agile players) or arms to crowdHold LB flick RS up up
Hand spring (agile players) or roll & punchHold LB spin RS full turn clockwise
Double backflip (agile players) or rollHold LB spin RS ful turn anticlockwise
TimberHold LT press B
ViolinistHold LT press X
Spanish archerHold LT press Y
Hands on earsHold LT double tap X
Stomach slideHold LT double tap Y
Knee slide arms outHold LT hold RS up
I can’t hear youHold LT hold RS right
Side slideHold LT hold RS down
Brick fallHold LT hold RS left
Knee slideHold LT flcik RS up down
Samba danceHold LT flick RS left right
Who am IHold LT flick RS right left
Knee slide to sitHold LT flick RS down down
Knee slide fallHold LT flick RS left left
Flip (agile players) or cartwheelHold LT spin RS full turn clockwise
Twist flip (agile players) or cartwheel rollHold LT spin RS full turn anticlockwise
If I catch youHold RT press RS
Why always meHold RB double tap Y
Kiss the pitchHold RT double tap B
The saluteHold RB press Y
Chest thumpHold RT flick RS down down
PeacockHold RB double tap B
MoonwalkHold RB flick RS left left

Pro Unlockables Finishing Moves
Many bowsHold RT hold RS up
PardonHold RT hold RS right
Fall to knees & begHold RT hold RS down
Back flipsHold RT double tap X
Slide on backHold RB double tap X
CockroachHold RB press RS
River danceHold RB flick RS up up
Break danceHold RB flick RS right right
Praise on kneesHold RT hold RS left
Backwards wormHold RB spin RS full turn anticlockwise
Uncontrolled backflipHold RT spin RS full turn clockwise
HandstandHold RT spin RS full turn anticlockwise
Spin & fallHold RT flick RS up up
Rowing on kneesHold RT flick RS left left
Seated rowingHold RT flick RS right right
Knee walkHold RT press X
Cradle swingHold RT press Y
BabyHold RT double tap Y
Flying diveHold RB hold RS up
Karate kicksHold RB hold RS right
Jump kicksHold RB hold RS down
Ice skatingHold RB flick RS down up
Golf swingHold RB flick RS left right
Dance 1Hold RT flick RS down up
Dance 2Hold RT flick RS up down
Dance 3Hold RT flick RS left right
Dance 4Hold RT flick RS right left

EAS FC Unlockables
KOHold LB double tap X
Right here right nowHold RB press B
Hand biteHold LT flick RS down up
Stand tallHold RB RS hold left
Kiss the wristHold LT double tap B
Old manHold LT press RS
Calm downHold LB double tap Y
The bearHold LB hold RS up
Riding the CatHold LB Hold RS down
MueveloHold LB flick RS right left
Patty CakeHold LB flick RS right right
Muscle flexHold RB flick RS up down
Push upsHld RB flick RS right left
The wormHold RB + RS full turn clockwise
DanceHold RB flick RS down down
Prancing birdHold RB press X
Gallop danceHold LB press RS


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