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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast


From the manual:
Access the Customise screen to adjust in-game and online settings, view your profile, edit teams and players, check out the Replay Theatre, and more.
Please note, it was still possible to change the Referee Strictness and chose which Referee you want for your game in FIFA 15, but the Referee Strictness setting is not available in FIFA 16 anymore.
Under the Customise tab you have sections for:


Settings > Gamesettings

In the Game Settings menu you can set your default preferences for matches. This includes the sliders to make things easier for you (user gameplay customisation in official speak). The options here you can choose are:



And here is the list of balls you can choose from in the settings above. Some of the balls won't be available until they have been purchased from the EAS FC Catalogue. These are indicated with an asterisk. There may be more balls added via updates at a later date to this (list as at August 2016):

adidas AFA OMB*
adidas Chaos X-ITE - Black/Silver Met/Solar Yellow*
adidas Chaos X-ITE - Blue/Solar Blue/Yellow*
adidas Chaos X-ITE – Solar Orange/Black/White
adidas Chaos X-ITE – Solar Yellow/Black/Silver
adidas Chaos X-ITE – Solar Yellow/Solar Blue/White*
adidas conext15 – Bright Cyan/Orange/White*
adidas conext15 – Solar Gold/Blue/White
adidas conext15 – White/Solar Green/Black*
adidas conext15 final Vancouver OMB*
adidas conext15 OMB
adidas Control Glider – Black/Met Silver/Yellow*
adidas Control Glider – Solar Orange/Black/White
adidas Control Glider – White/Solar Orange/Black*
adidas Control Glider – White/Solar Yellow/Black*
adidas DFL OMB
adidas Nativo
adidas Nativo MLS*
adidas Pro Ligue 1 OMB
DerbyStar Brilliant APS Eredivisie
Hummel Blade*
Hummel Concept +*
Mitre Delta Fluo Hyperseam
Mitre Delta Fluo Hyperseam – FL*
Mitre Delta Hyperseam*
Mitre Delta Hyperseam – FL
Nike Ordem – FA Cup*
Nike Ordem – LFP*
Nike Ordem – PL*
Nike Ordem – Serie A*
Nike Ordem LFP – Hi Vis*
Nike Ordem OMB
Nike Ordem OMB – Hi Vis*
Nike Ordem PL – Hi Vis*
Nike Ordem Serie A – Hi Vis*
Penalty Gorduchinha Pro
Penalty S11 Pro
Puma evoPOWER 1 Statement*
Select Brilliant Super
Select Brilliant Super Pro League OMB
Select Numero 10*
uhlsport - Ligue 2 OMB
uhlsport – M-Konzept Revolution 2.0*
Umbro Neo Pro – White/Black/Pink*
Umbro Neo Pro – White/Black/Shocking Orange*
Umbro Neo Pro – White/Fiery Coral/Teal*
Umbro Neo Pro – Yellow/Black/Dazzling Blue*
Volt Dynamo Liga MX – OMB
EA Sports(TM) Black/Blue
EA Sports(TM) Black/Silver
EA Sports(TM) Black/White
EA Sports(TM) Black/White #2
EA Sports(TM) Blue
EA Sports(TM) Blue/White
EA Sports(TM) Blue/White #2
EA Sports(TM) Blue/White #3
EA Sports(TM) Classic Orange
EA Sports(TM) FC OMB
EA Sports(TM) Leather
EA Sports(TM) Orange
EA Sports(TM) Red
EA Sports(TM) Red/White
EA Sports(TM) Red/White #2
EA Sports(TM) Red/White #3
EA Sports(TM) Silver/Black
EA Sports(TM) Silver/Blue
EA Sports(TM) White/Black
EA Sports(TM) White/Black #2
EA Sports(TM) White/Blue
EA Sports(TM) White/Blue #2
EA Sports(TM) Yellow
EA Sports(TM) Yellow/Black

The rest of the Settings & Controls section allows you to view the controls, and to customise your control scheme and your assist amount.



Your Profile section allows you to choose the lead profile, and to choose your favourite team for each profile. You can also see how many games you’ve played, your win % and your goals scored, although this doesn’t include all modes (it doesn’t include Ultimate Team).

The Online Settings section allows you to check your EA Origin account details which are the details you need to access the web restricted parts of the game such as for [[Ultimate Team]]. You can also set your matchmaking options and privacy settings here, as well as viewing the terms and conditions for online use.

For Edit Teams you can swap players around, or if you wanted to make your Career super realistic you could rename clubs’ stadia to their real-life names and swap the generic stadia to get the most realistic stadium for each club (although the teams that play in their real life stadium already can’t be moved):

Al Jayeed Stadium33,684
Aloha Park10,640
Arena D’Oro20,058
Arena del Centenario16,827
BC Place Stadium21,000
Court Lane19,677
Crown Lane24,103
Eastpoint Arena53,681
El Grandioso66,081
El Libertador52,663
Estadio El Medio30,493
Estadio President G.Lopes27,156
Estadio de las Artes37,473
Euro Park12,748
Forest Park Stadium28,421
Ivy Lane30,582
King Abdullah Sports City84,000
King Fahid Stadium67,000
Molton Road19,787
O Dromo55,320
Sanderson Park38,841
Stade Municipal24,628
Stadio Classico29,756
Stadion 23. Maj17,194
Stadion Europa32,228
Stadion Hanguk55,299
Stadion Neder19,086
Stadion Olympik68,196
Town Park9,821
Union Park Stadium22,685


Create Player

Create Player allows you to create a player, say yourself, and put them in a team. You can also use Edit Player to make existing players in the game more realistic.


Replay Theatre

The Replay Theatre is where you can view all the videos that you have saved of in-match action. To save a video pause a game and do an instant replay, or at the end of a game go to match highlights, pick out the highlights you want to save and, after getting all the cameras and slow motion parts right (using the keyframes feature), save it. You can view your video by pressing A, delete by pressing X, upload (assuming you have XBox Live Gold) by pressing Y or change the storage device by pressing LB.



The EA SPORTS TRAX are the songs that play through the game. You can choose for some to not play if you wish from here. The songs in the game are:
RACBack Of The Car feat. Nate Henricks
Parade of LightsFeeling Electric
Gin WigmoreNew Rush
Everything EverthingDistant Past
Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
ZibraGoodbye Mondays
Miami HorrorAll It Ever Was
SpeelburgLay It Right
Icona PopEmergency
Seinabo SeyPretend
No WyldLet Me Know
BANNERSShine A Light
Bomba EstereoSoy Yo
The Very BestMakes A King feat. Jutty Taylor
Years & YearsGold (FIFA Edit)
Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan’t Keep Checking My Phone
Balana SystemPlaysom
All TvvinsDarkest Ocean
Atlas GeniusStockholm
BaioSister Of Pearl
FoalsMountain At My Gates
John NewmanTiring Game feat. Charlie Wilson
KaleoWay Down We Go
Swim DeepOne Great Song And I Could Change The World
The Royal ConceptSmile
X-WifeMovin’ Up
April TowersA Little Bit Of Fear
DuranteSlow Burn feat. Chuck Ellis
DisclosureOmen feat. Sam Smith
Louis The ChildIt’s Strange feat. K. Flay
Tiggs Da AuthorNew Rush
Skylar Grey feat. X AmbassadorsCannonball
RauryCrystal Express
Jax JonesYeah Yeah Yeah
Of Mountains and MenCrystals




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