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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

EAS Football
Club Catalogue

The EAS FC Catalogue is available in the Home tab of the main menu, or by pressing the start button at any time in the game and navigating to the shopping trolley icon.

As you play FIFA you earn XP and FCC (to daily limits of 2,000 each). XP helps you level up, and the FCC (Football Club Credits) can be spent on unlocking items from the EAS FC catalogue. The available items are as follows (as at August 2016). Further items may be added in updates. Full descriptions of each item are available to view within the catalogue. XP and FCC earned from previous FIFAs carry over to this one.

And you can also gift items to your friends if you wish.

Gift item to a Friend
(50% off): Purchase this item as a gift for a friend. Gifting an item will still allow you to redeem it yourself.

So with a 50% discount you can gift to each other to get items for half price (although not all items are giftable – e.g. Ultimate Team coin boosts).

There are six tabs to view the items in the Catalogue:

adidas Messi 10th of 10th boots
Gameplay items
1Muevelo Goal Celebration100
1Football League Championship Historic Kit Bundle600
1Historic Kit Bundle600
1Ligue 1 Historic Kit Bundle600
1Mitre Match Ball Bundle600
2Muscle Flex Goal Celebration250
2Prancing Bird Goal Celebration250
2adidas Ace – Core Black/Chrome/Gold350
2LIGA Bancomer MX Historic Kit Bunde600
2adidas Boots and Ball Bundle700
2Puma Boots Bundle700
2Umbro Boots Bundle700
3Push Ups Goal Celebration300
3Right Here Right Now Goal Celebration300
3adidas Ace – Core Black/Green/Chrome/Pink350
3Primera Divisiσn Historic Kit Bundle600
3SELECT Numero 10 Match Ball600
3Serie A Historic Kit Bundle600
3Nike Boots Bundle700
3Under Armour Boots Bundle700
4adidas Ace – Fluid350
4Calm Down Goal Celebration400
4Dance Goal Celebration400
4The Worm Goal Celebration400
4adidas conext15 final Vancouver Official Match Ball600
4Liga BBVA Historic Kit Bundle600
4Liga Dimayor Historic Kit Bundle600
4adidas Boots and Ball Bundle700
4Hummel Match Ball Bundle800
4Premier League Historic Kit Bundle800
5Nike Hypervenom – Electroflare350
5Ride the Cat Goal Celebration500
5The Bear Goal Celebration500
5International Historic Kit Bundle600
5Ligue 1 Historic Kit Bundle600
5Nike Boots Bundle700
6adidas Ace – Shock Blue/White/Solar Slime350
6Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle600
6Hand Bite Goal Celebration600
6Premier League Historic Kit Bundle600
6adidas Boots and Ball Bundle700
6Under Armour Boots Bundle700
6Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle800
6Serie A Historic Kit Bundle800
7adidas Messi – White/Bahia Blue/Silver Met Boots350
7Nike Magista – Electroflare350
7Puma evoSPEED SL – Safety Yellow/Atomic Blue350
7Liverpool Historical Kit400
7Allsvenskan Historic Kit Bundle600
7Nike Boots Bundle700
7Serie A Historic Kit Bundle800
7adidas All-Star Team1,500
8adidas Ace – Solar Green/Pink/Core Black350
8Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle600
8Premier League Historic Kit Bundle600
8uhlsport – M-Konzept Revolution 2.0 Match Ball600
8adidas Boots and Ball Bundle700
82015 AT&T MLS All Star Team1,500
9Nike Tiempo – Electroflare350
9Allsvenskan Historic Kit Bundle600
9Nike Ordem – LFP Match Ball600
10adidas Ace – White/Black/Pink/Mint350
10New Balance Furon – Purple/Green/White350
10Umbro Medusae Pro –Black/Black350
10Umbro Medusae Pro –Blue/White/Fiery Coral350
10Real Madrid Historical Kit400
10Football League 1 Historic Kit Bundle500
10Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle600
10Premier League Historic Kit Bundle600
10adidas Boots and Ball Bundle700
10Patty Cake Goal Celebration800
11Nike Mercurial Superfly – Electroflare350
11Liga BBVA Historic Kit Bundle600
11Nike Ordem – Premier League Match Ball600
12adidas Ace – White/Solar Slime/Blue/Black350
12New Balance Visaro – Green/White/Purple350
12adidas Boots and Ball Bundle700
12Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle800
12Gallop Dance Goal Celebration950
12Old Man Goal Celebration950
13Umbro Neo Pro – White/Fiery Coral/Teal300
13Nike Hypervenom –Bronze350
13Nike Ordem – Serie A League Match Ball600
13Umbro Match Ball Bundle600
14adidas Messi – Core Black/Red/Green350
14New Balance Furon – Black/Orange/White350
14New Balance Boots Bundle700
14adidas Match Ball Bundle800
14Bundesliga Historic Kit Bundle800
15adidas Nativo MLS300
15Nike Magista –Pewter350
15Umbro Medusae Pro –Black/Teal/Orange350
15Stand Tall Goal Celebration1,100
16adidas Messi – Solar Slime/Black/Red/Green350
16New Balance Visaro – Orange/Red/White350
16Puma evoPOWER 1.3 – Safety Yellow/Black/Blue350
16Mizuno Boots Bundle700
16Kiss the Wrist Goal Celebration1,250
17Nike Mercurial Superfly – Lilac350
17Umbro Boots Bundle700
18adidas X – Core Black/Shock Pink/Gold350
18New Balance Furon – Yellow/Blue/Navy350
18Umbro Velocita Pro – Blue/White/Fiery Coral350
19adidas X – Core Black/White/Shock Mint350
19Nike Tiempo – Pure Platinum350
20Nike Ordem – FA Cup300
20adidas X – Shock Pink/Green/Black350
20New Balance Visaro – White/Green/Black350
20Nike Hypervenom – White/Black/Total Orange350
21adidas AFA OMB300
21Nike Magista – White/Black/Pink Blast350
21Puma evoPOWER 1.2 – White/Orange/Electric Blue350
22Nike Ordem OMB – Hi Vis300
22adidas X – White/Shock Mint/Blue/Black350
22Nike Tiempo – White/Black/Total Orange350
23Nike Ordem PL – Hi Vis300
23adidas X – Solar Gold/Black/Shock Pink350
23Nike Mercurial Superfly – White/Black/Volt/Total Orange350
24Nike Ordem LFP – Hi Vis300
24adidas X – Eskolaite350
24Umbro UX-2 Pro – Safety Yellow/Carbon/White350
25Nike Ordem Serie A – Hi Vis300
25Umbro Neo Pro – Yellow/Black/Dazzling Blue300
25adidas Ace – Eskolaite350
25Bailando Robot Goal Celebration3,000
25KO Goal Celebration3,000
26adidas Ace – White/Solar Gold/Pink - W350
26Nike Mercurial Superfly XI – Total Crimson/Volt/Black350
27Puma evoPOWER 1 Statement300
27adidas X – White/Blue/Red - W350
30adidas Porsche Design350
35adidas Messi 10th of 10th350

Ultimate Team items
2FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 5500
3FUT 99 Match Player Contract700
5FUT Extra Squad Slot350
5FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 5500
5FUT Loan Player: Jan Lecjaks500
7FUT Extra Squad Slot350
8FUT Loan Player: Massimo Luongo500
8FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 10750
9FUT Extra Squad Slot350
9FUT 99 Match Player Contract700
10FUT +10 Increased Transfer List Size350
10FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 10750
11FUT Extra Squad Slot350
11FUT Loan Player: Σscar Scarione500
12FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 151,250
13FUT Extra Squad Slot350
14FUT Loan Player: Yannick Bolasie500
15FUT +10 Increased Transfer List Size350
15FUT Extra Squad Slot350
15FUT 99 Match Player Contract700
16FUT Coin Reward Boost: 200 x 151,250
17FUT Extra Squad Slot350
17FUT Loan Player: Luuk de Jong500
18FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 52,000
19FUT Extra Squad Slot350
20FUT Loan Player: Salomσn Rondσn750
20FUT Increased Transfer Targets Pile Size1,500
20FUT Change Club Name2,000
20FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 52,000
21FUT Extra Squad Slot350
22FUT 99 Match Player Contract700
22FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 103,500
23FUT Extra Squad Slot350
25FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 103,500
26FUT Loan Player: Antoine Griezmann750
26FUT Loan Player: Ivan Rakitic750
29FUT 99 Match Player Contract700
29FUT Loan Player: Wesley Sneijder750
30FUT +20 Increased Transfer List Size600
30FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 103,500
32FUT Loan Player: David De Gea1,200
35FUT Loan Player: Arturo Vidal1,200
35FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 154,500
38FUT Loan Player: Santi Cazorla1,200
40FUT Coin Reward Boost: 1,000 x 154,500
41FUT Loan Player: Thiago Silva1,800
44FUT Loan Player: Robert Lewandowski1,800
45FUT +30 Increased Transfer List Size900
47FUT Loan Player: Eden Hazard2,000
50FUT Loan Player: Cristiano Ronaldo4,000

(Also you can unlock the Historic Kit Bundles in the Gameplay section of the catalogue to use the corresponding historic kits in Ultimate Team, and you can unlock balls in the Gameplay section to unlock balls in Ultimate Team.)

Online items
1Seasons Extra Match150
2Co-op Seasons Draw100
3Seasons Extra Match250
5Seasons Draw100
6Co-op Seasons Draw300
6Seasons Win500
7Co-op Seasons Extra Match150
7Seasons Extra Match500
9Seasons Extra Match600
10Co-op Seasons Draw500
10Seasons Win700
11Co-op Seasons Extra Match300
11Seasons Extra Match750
12Co-op Seasons Win500
12Seasons Draw700
13Seasons Extra Match850
13Seasons Draw900
14Co-op Seasons Draw700
14Seasons Win1,000
15Co-op Seasons Extra Match500
15Seasons Extra Match1,000
15Seasons Draw1,100
16Co-op Seasons Win700
17Seasons Extra Match1,100
17Seasons Draw1,300
18Co-op Seasons Draw900
18Co-op Seasons Win1,200
18Seasons Win1,300
19Co-op Seasons Extra Match700
20Co-op Seasons Win1,500
20Seasons Draw1,500
20Season Cup Unlock2,000
21Seasons Extra Match1,300
21Seasons Win1,500
22Co-op Seasons Draw1,200
22Seasons Draw1,700
23Co-op Seasons Extra Match900
23Seasons Win1,750
24Seasons Draw1,900
25Co-op Seasons Draw1,500
25Seasons Extra Match1,500
25Seasons Win2,000
26Seasons Draw2,100
27Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,100
28Seasons Draw2,300
29Seasons Extra Match1,700
30Seasons Draw2,500
31Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,250
31Seasons Extra Match1,800
31Seasons Draw2,700
33Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,450
33Seasons Extra Match1,900
35Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,600
35Seasons Extra Match2,000
37Co-op Seasons Extra Match1,800
37Seasons Extra Match2,200
39Seasons Extra Match2,400
40Co-op Seasons Extra Match2,000


Career items
3Career Pro Ball Skills Boost200
4Career Pro Undershirt500
5Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost200
5Career Pro Shooting Boost200
5Scout Future Star400
5Career Pro Fancy Flicks Trait800
5Career Rematch Ability2,000
6Career Pro Ball Skills Boost400
6Career Pro Giant Afro500
7Career Pro Tight Kit500
8Career Pro Diving Header Trait800
9Career Pro Ball Skills Boost800
10Career Pro Defense Boost200
10Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost400
10Career Pro Bicycle Kicks Trait800
10Scout Future Star800
10Financial Takeover1,000
11Career Pro Shooting Boost400
12Career Pro Black Gloves500
13Career Pro Defense Boost400
13Career Pro Flair Passes Trait800
15Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost800
15Career Pro Boost Bundle1,000
15Scout Future Star1,000
15Edit Player in Career1,500
15International Manager Offer1,500
16Career Pro Defense Boost800
16Career Pro Shooting Boost800
18Career Pro High Socks500
19Career Pro Physical Boost200
20Career Pro Mental Boost200
20Career Pro Swerve Pass Trait500
20Career Pro Boost Bundle1,300
20Scout Future Star1,350
21Career Pro Passing Boost200
21Career Pro Physical Boost400
22Career Pro Mental Boost400
23Career Pro Passing Boost400
23Career Pro Physical Boost800
23Scout Future Star1,700
24Career Pro Mental Boost800
25Career Pro Passing Boost800
25Financial Takeover3,000
26Scout Future Star2,000
28Scout Future Star2,350
30Scout Future Star2,800
32Scout Future Star3,150
34Scout Future Star3,500
35Financial Takeover5,000


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