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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Game Modes

Seasons/Co-op Seasons

So clicking into Seasons mode gives you the following tabs: In the Seasons menus you get the following options:

The Play Match allows you to play your next match. It is three points for the win, one for the draw and zero for the loss. You start in division 10 and try to work up to division 1. For co-op there are 5 divisions. Your division progress from previous FIFAs carries over.

There you get your team select menu, where you will be able to change your team management options prior to searching for an opponent, your matchmaking settings (this allows you to play similarly starred teams e.g. 4.5 star against 4.5 star, or to play against only club or international teams, whether to play opponents with similar DNFs as your own or not, and whether to play against opponents with guests or no guests), and your XBox 360 Controller settings. You also get to choose your team and kit that you want to play with.

If the cup window is not open then you won't be able to select to Play Cup Match and you will instead see how many days or hours there are remaining until the next cup window opening. Once a cup window is open it stays open for three days.

The cups start with 16 teams matched up in knockout matches. The eight winners from those matches go through to the quarter-finals, then the winners go to the semi-finals and then the final. To win the cup you need to win four games in a row. If games end in a draw they are decided by extra time being played. If the scores are still level then it is a penalty shootout.

The cups you can enter will depend on the division that you are in.

Division 1 or 2Premier Cup
Division 3, 4 or 5Continental Cup
Division 6, 7 or 8EA Cup
Division 9 or 10EA Shield
All DivisionsWoman's International Cup

So if you are in division 1 or 2 then you can play in any of the cups, whereas if you are in divisions 3, 4 or 5 then you can play all the cups except the Premier Cup.

You can enter the cup from the division above if you have purchased the Seasons Cup Unlock item from the EAS FC Catalogue (available at level 20 for 2,000 FCC).

Also, if you are coming near the end of the league season and it looks like you may not get promotion, or the title, then there are also some items you can purchase from the EAS FC Catalogue to help you extend your season by a game, or give you an win, or a draw.

The Current Season option shows your current division, your current form based on your last five results, your overall W-D-L record in that division so far, the division you are in and how you are currently doing together with the number of points required to avoid relegation to the division below (the red line), the number required for promotion (the green line) and the number of points needed for the title (the gold line). The points required for each division are as below:

DivisionPoints to avoid relegationPoints for promotionPoints for title
Division 10No relegation912
Division 951013
Division 881215
Division 781417
Division 6101619
Division 5101619
Division 4101619
Division 3121821
Division 2121821
Division 114No Promotion23

By clicking here you get to see your last five season results and cup results. You can click on the matches here and see the opponent's Seasons progress.

The History option will show your overall Seasons W-D-L record, your total trophies, your number of promotions and relegations and your star rating out of 5 stars (which is based on your record so when you begin it will be low).

Clicking on this will take you to the Trophy room where you can view the cups you have won.

The possible trophies to get are:

Bronze Division TitleAwarded for winning the title in Division 10, 9 or 8
Silver Division TitleAwarded for winning the title in Division 7, 6, 5 or 4
Gold Division TitleAwarded for winning the title in Division 3 or 2
League TitleAwarded for winning the title in Division 1
Bronze DoubleAwarded for winning the EA Shield and any Bronze Division Title
Silver DoubleAwarded for winning the EA Cup and any Silver Division Title
Gold DoubleAwarded for winning the Continental Cup and any Gold Division Title
EA ShieldAwarded for winning the EA Shield (first available in Division 10)
EA CupAwarded for winning the EA Cup (first available in Division 8)
Continental CupAwarded for winning the Continental Cup (first available in Division 5)
Premier CupAwarded for winning the Premier Cup (first available in Division 2)
Women's International CupAwarded for winning the Women's International Cup
FIFA 15 VeteranAwarded for playing Seasons in FIFA 15

Clicking RT/LT will allow you to see your Seasons trophies from FIFA 15.

For Co-op seasons it is the same, except you get to choose to play with a friend:

Start a co-op season with this friend.

After your first match is complete continue playing together or make progress on your own and try to rise to division 1.

And also there are only five divisions. Here are the points required for getting up the leagues:

DivisionPoints to avoid relegationPoints for promotionPoints for title
Division 5No relegation1013
Division 481316
Division 3101619
Division 2121821
Division 114No Promotion23


By clicking on Leaderboards you can see the:

The World Table shows how many players are in each division. You also can click A to see your Leaderboards ranking with your total number of points in Seasons as well as that of your friends and the top 100 players in the world.

The Co-op World Table and Co-op Leaderbards are similar and show the number of Co-op teams by division.

Lastly EAS FC Match-day in-form and out-of-form players will be available in Seasons, meaning that the team you choose will have players' form reflecting their real-life form.


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