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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Game Modes

Ultimate Team

Team of the Week November
This is the most popular mode in the game and is about building your own team with your own players from across those that are in FIFA 16.

In this guide you can read all about it, about all the tournaments including all the Featured Tournaments, learn how to make coins on cards and see images of all the TOTWs (Team of the week).

The first time you enter Ultimate Team you have to set up a club. This club is going to be the club you build from scratch by obtaining players from packs, from rewards and from off the transfer list. See the Players section for all the best players in the game.

If you have played Ultimate Team on previous FIFAs then you can use your club name and club 3-letter abbreviation as before, or change them (you’ll be prompted on first entry to this mode). If new to FIFA you will have to make one up from scratch. For the 3-letter abbreviation I suggest all capitals as it looks better when you play single player as your opponent’s 3-letter abbreviation will be capitals.

After you have your club name you are given your starter pack of cards. This is made up of 22 players, a manager, a ball, a stadium, a home and an away kit. There will be up to 3 golds and 2 silvers amongst the players with the rest being bronze. All these cards will be untradeable, so can’t be placed on the transfer list, and if you discard them you will get 0 coins (so keep them). The players and manager will start with 45 contracts, so you’ll be able to use this team for quite a while, especially in the single player leagues and tournaments on the lower difficulty levels.

If you have played FUT (a common abbreviation used by FIFA players standing for FIFA Ultimate Team) before in previous FIFAs then you will also get your returning player bonus of up to 4 loyalty packs. These will mainly be all players packs, but could be something else:

All players pack
Welcome back to FIFA Ultimate Team! This pack includes 12 players, 4 each of Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with a t least 1 Rare.

12 items, 4 gold, 1 rare
You may also have received a pre-order code with your FIFA 16 game for more packs, or you may have purchased the Deluxe edition of tha game with its “up to £45+ worth of FUT Premium Gold Packs” and its “5 game Lionel Messi FUT loan” which will also help you build your club quickly right from the beginning.

Your club is still a bit thin at this stage (i.e. the haven’t-played-any-matches-yet-stage) so you can also get some loan players in from the EAS FC Catalogue if you have earned enough XP and FCC (this includes that carried across from previous FIFAs).
Note: Unlike FIFA 15 the old-gen and new-gen versions of the game have separate markets so your Ultimate Team players and coins will not cross over (see Next-Gen Carryover for more details.)
Now you are set up, when you click into Ultimate Team you will see there are seven tabs under which are the various options:

There is also a FUT web app that allows you to access your club from a PC (when you are not playing FIFA on your console) – see FUT web app section for more details.

Earning coins by playing matches

You get two sets of coin bonuses upon completing a match, a completion award (325 coins for an offline game) and skill awards. Skill awards are coin bonuses for achieving certain things in the game, such as scoring goals. To maximise your coins earned through skill awards use the table below. There is also a multiplier applied to this which is based on the quality difference between your team and the other team, and the difficulty level, so you could fill your bench with low-ranked bronze players which brings your overall team star rating down and your multiplier up. For online matches a further DNF modifier is applied where DNF stands for Did Not Finish. This stays at the maximum 1.25 if you don’t quit online matches, and if you do quit matches it goes down, although it will rise again if you don’t quit matches after it.

Skill award Coins per unit Upper limit Minimum units needed for upper limit
Man of the match15151
Pass accuracy %18080
Possession %18080
Successful tackles12525
Shots on target55012
Goals against-15-755
Clean sheets75751

Ultimate Team general tips
  • Rotate your players to either the bench or the reserves to keep their fitness up. (When you play a match all the unused players on the subs bench and in the reserves, but not out of the squad altogether, will have their fitness improved.) Doing this will save you using coins for fitness cards, and also your players are less likely to get injured if their fitness is higher.
  • Similarly keep injured players or suspended players in the reserves section of the active squad so that they can recover or serve their suspension. Doing this will save you using coins for healing cards.
  • Don’t substitute players unless necessary because a substitute will use up 1 contract when they come onto the pitch, even though they have only played part of a match. By not doing substitutions you use a total of 11 contract across your players, whereas with subs you could lose 14 contract per match across your players.
  • If you have a player you want to play who has low chemistry in your normal team you could sub him on early in a match where he will inherit 1/11th of the starting team chemistry rather than having his normal chemistry. (Not recommended though as per the bullet above.)
  • Don’t quit online matches. It loses your players contracts, loses your end-of-game coins, gives you a loss and reduces your DNF-modifier which gives you fewer coins for future online matches.
  • You can quit offline matches if you are losing without losing your place in the league/cup. The players involved though will still lose 1 contract for the abandoned game.
  • Win cups and play FUT seasons for lots of bonus coins, cards and packs.
  • Beat the TOTW each week for extra coins.
  • Keep your chemistry high as the players play better.
  • Make sure to purchase the Ultimate Team items from the EAS FC Catalogue.

The FUT Central tab is like a title page. It shows a few ultimate team items depending on what EA want you to see at that time, e.g. they might show you the new TOTW, or that a happy hour is on so you can buy some special packs that are only available for a limited time. One of the items will be the last thing you did on Ultimate Team (e.g. a link to the tournament you played in) and there will be a news item.

Clicking on the items here will take you into them. E.g. if leaderboards are there then clicking on them will take you to the leaderboards section. (For more on Leaderboards see the My Club section.)

The other six tabs contain the meat of FUT.


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