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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Game Modes

Ultimate Team

My Club

In the My Club section you will see the following:

My Club is where you can see all the cards you have in your club. When you click into it you will be given the option to search for a particular card (or you can search later by pressing Y). Otherwise you can browse through the following subcategories provided you have at least one card that fits into that section (if not you can toggle with LT to show all items, even if you don’t own any items in that category.):

You can cycle through these and look at individual clubs and the players, badges and kits you have from each club. When browsing through there will be details at the bottom telling you how many rare players you have in that category, how many gold, silver and bronze players, the total players, kits and badges you have in that category.

For the staff section the summary at the bottom will instead tell you the numbers of managers, head coaches, fitness coaches, GK coaches and physio coaches you have.

Lastly you can see all the trophies you’ve won with your Club. These will be split by single player and online trophies. Each trophy will have details telling you when you first won it and the number of times you’ve won it.

It is important to know about the consumables. There are several types of consumables:

The Player training and Goalkeeper training cards can be applied to players to improve their attributes for one game only (the game they play after receiving the card boost). The cards available are bronze, silver and gold for individual attributes, plus rare cards for improving all the player’s attributes.

The effect will be shown on the card. You can also boost this based on the staff you have at your club. If you have, say, lots of pace coaches and their total pace boost = 20% then you will get a 20% boost on top of whatever the pace boost of the card says when you apply it. There is a 50% limit though so if you have pace coaches with a combined 80% boost you’ll still only receive a 50% boost.

Position change cards can be used to change players positions, which is useful for increasing your chemistry. The position change cards available are:

The Chemistry Styles can be applied to players to permanently improve their attributes. More on Chemistry Styles is in the Squads section.

Manager League cards can be applied to managers to change the league of that manager. This may be useful for Chemistry purposes. For example you may have an predominantly Brazilian Barclays Premier League squad, and you have a Brazilian manager who manages in the Eredivisie, so he is giving your chemistry a boost through his matching of the players nationalities but not through his league. Hence applying a manager league card for the Barclays Premier League to that manager will give your chemistry an extra boost.

Contracts can be applied to players, or managers, so that they can play, or manage, in more matches for you. Bronze contract cards work best on bronze players/managers, silver on silver and gold on gold. Again you can get up to a 50% boost on contracts through your staff. The managers have a negotiation percentage. Once these add up to 50% or over amongst all the managers in your club you will get that 50% boost whenever you apply a contract consumable, otherwise you will get a lesser boost based on the total of their negotiation percentages. Because of this it is worth stocking up on managers with negotiation percentages early on in Ultimate Team so that you always get maximum boost on contracts.

Similarly Fitness and Healing cards can be boosted in the same way using the appropriate staff. Fitness cards can increase your players’ fitness. This is useful if they are an absolutely vital member of your squad and you can’t bench them. Otherwise a player’s fitness can be improved by placing them on the bench or reserves of your squad and not playing them in the match.

Healing cards are for when your players pick up an injury. The injuries your player can pick up are to their:

There is also an All Injuries card that can be used for any injury your player picks up, rather than the healing cards that can only be used for the specific injury mentioned on it. If you have no healing cards you can still heal the player by putting them in the reserves of your squad and playing out the required amount of matches that they are out for.

Consumables are stacked so that you can hold unlimited quantities of them within your club.

The Player Stats show the players in your active squad by their overall rating, their games played, their goals scored, and their red and yellow cards accumulated.

There are 18 Manager Tasks. These can be done in any order. Upon completing all 18 of these you will unlock a free gold pack.

1Sign A Loan PlayerSelect one Player to sign to your Club on a loan contract from Sign A Loan Player option. This is a one time only opportunity
2Change Club NamePress A to change the name of your Club. If you are happy with your current Club name, confirm the name in the Change Club Name screen to complete this task
3Play your first match in a TournamentEnter a Tournament and finish one match
4Play one Seasons matchComplete a match in Online Season or Single Player Season
5Buy an item from the Transfer MarketGo to the Transfer Market and use the Buy Now option to buy any item
6List a Player in the Transfer MarketList any Player in the Transfer Market
7Challenge the Team of the WeekComplete a match against any team in the Team of the Week Challenge mode
8Apply a Contract ItemApply any level Contract Item to any Player in your Club
9Apply a Fitness ItemApply any level Fitness Item to any Player in your Club
10Apply a Chemistry Style ItemApply any Chemistry Style item to any Player in your Club
11Change your Club KitChange your Club’s Home or Away kit
12Change your Club BallChange your Club’s Ball
13Change your Club CrestChange your Club’s Crest
14Change your Club StadiumChange your Club’s Stadium
15Creat a New SquadCreate a new Squad from the My Squads option in the Squad screen
16Add a Concept Player to your SquadSelect a Player or Empty Slot then use the Add/Swap Player option. Search Concept Players for any player and add him to your Squad!
17Replace a Concept PlayerUse the “Search for Player on Transfer Market” action on the squad screen on a Player you don’t own, and purchase them on the Transfer Market
18Share a Squad with 100 ChemistryCreate a Squad with 100 Chemistry and Share It with your Friends


The Leaderboards show how your Ultimate Team compares against your friends, or alternatively you can view and compare yourself to the top 100 in the world. There are four different categories of leaderboard you can view either the all-time, weekly or monthly totals (i.e. since the beginning of the month) for:

These are self-explanatory, except club value. Each player card has a value. No other cards (e.g. staff, badges and kits) contribute to your club value. The value of each player is worked out using the calculation in the table below. This includes loan players and untradeable players:

Card Value
In-form and Legends((player rating + 15)^3)/2 (rounded if not a whole number)
Rare(player rating^3)/2 (rounded if not a whole number)
Non-rare((player rating - 15)^3)/2 (rounded if not a whole number)
(where ^ means “to the power of”, so “^3” means cubed)

Also on the leaderboards you can directly compare against a particular person by clicking A on them. This will show your relative records for the four leaderboards, and also your overall W-D-L record and the aggregate number of trophies you have won.

As for the Delete Club option, I have no idea why you’d want to do this. If it is because your DNF modifier is low because you have quit lots of matches, then you just need to play and complete some matches and it’ll go back up again. If it is because you want to have a different name for your club then you can purchase the FUT Change Team Name item from the EAS FC Catalogue. There is no need to resort to deleting your club, especially when your starter pack cards can be played for 45 matches each meaning you have the means to play a lot of matches no matter the situation you are in (these cards are untradeable so discarding them for 0 coins makes no sense).

If however you do ignore this sage advice please be advised you can only delete your club 5 times in total. After that Ultimate Team mode self-destructs (possibly).


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