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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Game Modes

Ultimate Team


In Online you can choose to play a:

Online season is similar to single player season except you play online opponents and there is only one league at each level to choose from.

The fixture list feature of single player season is removed because opponents are dependent on who is online when you choose to play a match.

Instead it is replaced with a leaderboards section so you can see how your friends are doing in their ultimate team seasons and how you compare to them.

Division 1012 points/2,000 coins9 points/1,600 coins0 points/1,000 coinsN/A
Division 913 points/3,000 coins10 points/2,400 coins6 points/1,900 coins6 points/1,300 coins
Division 815 points/4,000 coins12 points/3,200 coins8 points/2,500 coins8 points/1,600 coins
Division 717 points/5,000 coins14 points/4,000 coins8 points/2,800 coins8 points/1,800 coins
Division 619 points/6,000 coins16 points/4,800 coins10 points/3,400 coins10 points/1,900 coins
Division 519 points/7,000 coins16 points/5,600 coins10 points/3,900 coins10 points/2,200 coins
Division 419 points/9,000 coins16 points/7,200 coins10 points/5,000 coins10 points/2,900 coins
Division 321 points/11,000 coins18 points/8,800 coins12 points/6,200 coins12 points/3,100 coins
Division 221 points/13,000 coins18 points/10,400 coins12 points/7,400 coins12 points/3,400 coins
Division 123 points/15,000 coins + Ultimate Team KitN/A14 points/10,500 coins14 points/4,500 coins


The online tournament is again similar to the single player tournaments in that you need to win 4 matches in a row to get through and win the tournament, except this time you play online opponents and the rewards are greater. All the online tournaments are below, with the featured tournaments in the Featured Tournaments section.

Tournament nameReward for winUnlockEntry Requirements
Bronze Classic2,000 coins + 1 Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack0 TrophiesExact player quality: Bronze in the squad’s Starting 11 and Subs
Silver Clash2,000 coins + 1 Silver Pack0 TrophiesExact player quality: Silver in the squad’s Starting 11 and Subs
Champions Shield2,000 coins + 1 Gold Pack0 TrophiesThere are no entry requirements.


Online draft is again similar to single player draft (see Single Player for more info).

An example reward for winning 4 matches in a row is:

1 Rare Player Pack + 1 Gold Pack


Choosing to play Friendly Seasons let’s you pit your Ultimate Team against your friend’s Ultimate Team, as long as you are both online, and is similar to Online Friendlies.

Clicking in here will show you your friends list and their online status. If they are online you can start or continue a season with them. The seasons are 5-games long, but can finish earlier (e.g. one of you wins the first three games meaning the other player can’t win the season through the remaining two games as they could only gain a maximum of 6 points so the season ends).

If your friends aren’t online you can view your stats against them. You can see your current season, the title holder, the number of seasons you’ve won, your all-time W-D-L records against them, your goal difference, your possession ratio and yout coins earned.

Choosing to play a online single match lets you play a one-off Ultimate Team match online.


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