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FAQ written by TheMightyRoast

Leagues and Teams

All of the leagues and teams in FIFA 16 are below.

Each team has a star rating, plus transfer budgets and weekly wages for career mode. Please note the star ratings may change if you download latest squad updates.

The best teams in each league are bolded. To determine the best team the star rating has been looked at first, then, where two or more teams have the same star rating, the team with the highest transfer budget is deemed to be the better team. In the event of teams still being equal on these two measures then the team with the highest weekly wage has been highlighted as the best in that league.

Info is as at game release with the first squad update applied.

For the Ultimate Team Single Player Leagues click that link...

Leagues for the following countries:


Primera División (30 teams)

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Argentinos Jrs.2.5 stars700,00047,000
Bahía Blanca2.5 stars650,00035,000
Banfield3.0 stars1,200,000237,000
Belgrano3.0 stars675,00094,000
Boca Juniors4.0 stars6,500,000741,000
Estudiantes3.5 stars2,000,000305,000
Fl. Vareia3.0 stars725,00046,000
G. La Plata3.0 stars825,00085,000
Godoy Cruz3.0 stars650,00047,000
Independiente3.5 stars4,500,000601,000
Junín2.5 stars450,00061,000
Lanús3.5 stars1,400,000310,000
Mar del Plata2.5 stars475,00034,000
Mataderos2.5 stars450,00045,000
Newell’s3.5 stars2,900,000415,000
Parque Patricios3.0 stars525,000102,000
Posadas1.5 stars550,00036,000
Quilmes3.0 stars700,00041,000
Racing Club3.5 stars3,500,00054,000
Rafaeia3.0 stars550,00044,000
River Plate4.0 stars5,500,000630,000
Rosario Central3.5 stars975,000394,000
San Juan2.5 stars425,00038,000
San Lorenzo3.5 stars3,200,000579,000
Santa Fe2.5 stars625,00061,000
Sarandí3.0 stars700,000221,000
Temperley2.5 stars450,00038,000
Tigre3.0 stars700,000124,000
Unión2.5 stars925,00050,000
Vélez Sársfield3.0 stars2,100,000218,000



Hyundai A-League (10 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Adelaide United2.5 stars1,700,00047,000
Brisbane Roar2.5 stars1,700,00045,750
Central Coast1.5 stars1,700,00017,250
Melb. Victory3.0 stars1,700,00055,750
Melbourne City2.5 stars1,700,00053,250
Newcastle Jets1.5 stars1,700,00017,750
Perth Glory2.0 stars1,700,00017,250
Sydney FC2.5 stars1,700,000135,250
WS Wanderers2.0 stars1,700,00044,500
Well. Phoenix2.0 stars1,700,00025,000



Ö. Bundesliga (10 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Admira Wacker2.0 stars475,00044,750
Austria Wien3.0 stars2,800,000147,000
RB Salzburg3.5 stars6,500,000262,500
SCR Altach2.0 stars500,00038,750
SK Rapid Wien3.0 stars3,000,000232,000
SK Sturm Graz3.0 stars725,000146,000
SV Grödig1.5 stars425,00034,750
SV Mattersburg2.0 stars450,00084,250
SV Ried2.5 stars575,00097,250
Wolfsberger AC2.5 stars525,00038,250



Pro League (16 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Club Brugge3.5 stars5,000,000610,000
KAA Gent3.5 stars4,800,000543,000
KRC Genk3.5 stars3,700,000390,500
KV Kortrijk3.0 stars1,400,000201,000
KV Mechelen3.0 stars1,400,000249,000
KV Oostende3.0 stars1,800,000295,500
KVC Westerlo3.0 stars925,00081,000
OH Leuven3.0 stars1,100,000149,000
RSC Anderlecht4.0 stars7,000,000643,000
Royal Mouscron2.5 stars675,00056,000
Sint-Truiden2.5 stars850,000146,500
Sp. Charleroi3.0 stars1,600,000291,000
Sport. Lokeren3.0 stars1,500,000237,500
Standard Liège3.5 stars5,000,000435,500
Waasl. Beveren2.5 stars1,200,00067,500
Zulte-Waregem 3.0 stars2,000,000229,000



Camp. Scotiabank (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Audax Italiano3.0 stars850,00064,000
CD Antofagasta2.5 stars550,00027,750
CD Cobresal3.0 stars700,00068,250
CD Huachipato3.0 stars925,00062,000
CD O’Higgins3.0 stars800,00079,750
CD Palestino3.0 stars750,00066,750
Colo-Colo3.5 stars2,500,000395,750
Depor. Iquique2.5 stars575,00030,000
San Luis2.5 stars450,00033,250
San Marcos2.5 stars475,00031,500
Uni. Católica3.0 stars1,500,000303,750
Uni. Concepción3.0 stars525,00033,750
Uni. de Chile3.5 stars2,100,000476,500
Unión Española3.0 stars850,00092,750
Unión La Calera2.5 stars525,00032,000
Wanderers3.0 stars800,00080,750



Liga Colombiana (20 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Al. Petrolera2.5 stars450,00042,000
Atl. Nacional3.5 stars1,700,000457,000
Atlético Huila3.0 stars525,00038,000
Boyacá Chicó2.0 stars550,00038,000
Cortuluá2.0 stars425,00033,000
Cúcuta Depor.2.5 stars450,00034,000
Deportes Tolima3.0 stars550,00050,000
Deportivo Cali3.0 stars600,000255,000
Deportivo Pasto2.5 stars500,00033,000
Envigado2.5 stars450,00047,000
Ind. Santa Fe3.0 stars625,000276,000
Indep. Medellín3.5 stars1,000,000170,000
Jaguares2.0 stars425,00037,000
Junior3.0 stars725,000113,000
La Equidad3.0 stars550,00035,000
Millonarios3.0 stars1,100,000232,000
Once Caldas3.0 stars600,000182,000
Patriotas2.5 stars525,00032,000
Uniautónoma2.0 stars425,00032,000
Águilas Doradas3.0 stars500,00055,000



Alka Superliga (12 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Aalborg BK3.0 stars775,000168,250
Aarhus GF2.5 stars500,000106,250
Brøndby IF3.0 stars1,700,000263,750
Esbjerg fB2.5 stars550,00078,750
FC København3.5 stars3,000,000367,000
FC Midtjylland3.5 stars1,300,000346,750
FC Nordsjælland2.5 stars675,000127,000
Hobro IK2.0 stars550,00036,000
Odense BK2.5 stars1,000,000140,000
Randers FC3.0 stars600,00071,500
SønderjyskE2.0 stars425,00047,250
Viborg FF2.0 stars475,00033,250



Barclays PL (20 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Arsenal5.0 stars59,500,0002,616,000
Aston Villa4.0 stars24,500,000956,750
Bournemouth3.5 stars13,500,000591,250
Chelsea5.0 stars72,000,0002,896,750
Crystal Palace4.0 stars20,000,0001,075,250
Everton4.5 stars21,000,0001,472,500
Leicester City4.0 stars23,000,000735,250
Liverpool4.5 stars46,500,0002,237,500
Manchester City5.0 stars85,000,0002,633,500
Manchester Utd5.0 stars68,000,0002,497,250
Newcastle Utd4.0 stars29,500,0001,319,000
Norwich4.0 stars18,500,000793,000
Southampton4.5 stars27,000,0001,004,500
Spurs4.5 stars38,000,0001,676,500
Stoke City4.0 stars25,500,0001,051,750
Sunderland4.0 stars24,000,000982,750
Swansea City4.5 stars21,000,0001,073,250
Watford4.0 stars16,000,000886,750
West Brom4.0 stars18,500,000933,750
West Ham4.0 stars25,500,000963,750

FL Championship (24 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Birmingham City3.0 stars2,500,000238,250
Blackburn Rvrs3.0 stars5,500,000237,250
Bolton3.0 stars5,000,000237,250
Brentford3.0 stars4,200,000271,750
Brighton3.5 stars5,500,000355,500
Bristol City3.0 stars3,400,000165,250
Burnley3.5 stars7,000,000475,500
Cardiff City3.5 stars8,500,000430,250
Charlton Ath3.0 stars3,400,000249,500
Derby County3.5 stars8,500,000436,500
Fulham3.5 stars8,500,000360,750
Huddersfield3.0 stars3,000,000184,000
Hull City3.5 stars12,500,000636,250
Ipswich Town3.0 stars4,200,000277,750
Leeds United3.0 stars6,500,000257,500
MK Dons3.0 stars2,500,000149,750
Middlesbrough3.5 stars7,000,000427,500
Nott’m Forest3.5 stars7,500,000422,000
Preston3.0 stars2,500,000161,000
QPR3.5 stars17,000,000581,500
Reading3.5 stars5,000,000350,750
Rotherham Utd3.0 stars2,100,00068,750
Sheffield Wed3.5 stars5,500,000445,500
Wolves3.0 stars6,000,000324,000

Football League 1 (24 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Barnsley2.0 stars1,500,00088,000
Blackpool1.5 stars850,00056,000
Bradford City2.5 stars1,100,000137,000
Burton Albion2.0 stars625,00035,000
Bury2.5 stars625,00045,000
Chesterfield2.5 stars850,00058,000
Colchester2.0 stars600,00058,000
Coventry City2.5 stars775,000120,000
Crewe Alexandra1.5 stars500,00032,000
Doncaster2.5 stars1,300,00087,000
Fleetwood Town1.5 stars1,300,00034,000
Gillingham2.0 stars600,00043,000
Millwall3.0 stars1,700,000136,000
Oldham Athletic2.0 stars600,00044,000
Peterborough2.0 stars1,700,00096,000
Port Vale2.0 stars675,00041,000
Rochdale2.0 stars500,00039,000
Scunthorpe Utd2.0 stars1,100,00042,000
Sheffield Utd3.0 stars2,500,000175,000
Shrewsbury2.0 stars675,00033,000
Southend United2.0 stars550,00041,000
Swindon Town1.5 stars600,00039,000
Walsall2.0 stars500,00038,000
Wigan Athletic3.0 stars4,200,000205,000

Football League 2 (24 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Barnsley2.0 stars1,500,00088,000
Blackpool1.5 stars850,00056,000
Bradford City2.5 stars1,100,000137,000
Burton Albion2.0 stars625,00035,000
Bury2.5 stars625,00045,000
Chesterfield2.5 stars850,00058,000
Colchester2.0 stars600,00058,000
Coventry City2.5 stars775,000120,000
Crewe Alexandra1.5 stars500,00032,000
Doncaster2.5 stars1,300,00087,000
Fleetwood Town1.5 stars1,300,00034,000
Gillingham2.0 stars600,00043,000
Millwall3.0 stars1,700,000136,000
Oldham Athletic2.0 stars600,00044,000
Peterborough2.0 stars1,700,00096,000
Port Vale2.0 stars675,00041,000
Rochdale2.0 stars500,00039,000
Scunthorpe Utd2.0 stars1,100,00042,000
Sheffield Utd3.0 stars2,500,000175,000
Shrewsbury2.0 stars675,00033,000
Southend United2.0 stars550,00041,000
Swindon Town1.5 stars600,00039,000
Walsall2.0 stars500,00038,000
Wigan Athletic3.0 stars4,200,000205,000



Ligue 1 (20 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
AS Monaco4.5 stars46,500,0001,234,000
AS Saint-Étienne4.0 stars8,000,000863,500
Angers SCO3.0 stars2,100,000295,500
EA Guingamp3.5 stars2,800,000506,750
ES Troyes AC3.0 stars1,900,000337,250
FC Lorient3.5 stars3,100,000499,000
FC Nantes3.5 stars4,200,000517,750
GFC Ajaccio3.0 stars1,700,000221,250
Giron. Bordeaux4.0 stars6,000,000757,750
LOSC Lille4.0 stars9,000,000695,750
Montpellier HSC3.5 stars6,500,000671,500
OGC Nice3.5 stars3,800,000526,750
Olym. Lyonnais4.5 stars14,500,0001,469,250
Olym. Marseille4.0 stars15,500,0001,111,750
PSG5.0 stars85,000,0002,624,500
SC Bastia3.5 stars2,300,000312,250
SM Caen3.5 stars3,000,000401,250
Stade Rennais4.0 stars7,500,000799,250
Stade de Reims3.5 stars2,500,000495,500
Toulouse FC4.0 stars4,700,000688,000

Ligue 2 (20 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
AC Ajaccio2.5 stars800,000123,750
AJ Auxerre3.0 stars1,900,000171,500
AS Nancy3.0 stars2,100,000183,000
Bourg-Péronnas2.0 stars500,00038,000
Cham. Niortais2.5 stars550,00046,500
Clermont Foot2.5 stars600,000132,000
Dijon FCO2.5 stars1,500,000140,000
FC Metz3.0 stars2,500,000213,250
FC Sochaux3.0 stars2,200,000202,750
Le Harve AC2.5 stars850,000167,500
Nimes Olympique2.5 stars625,00056,500
Paris FC2.5 stars675,00045,250
RC Lens3.0 stars1,500,000213,250
Res Star FC2.5 stars525,00046,250
Stade Brestois3.0 stars1,700,000181,500
Stade Lavallois2.5 stars575,00059,500
Tours FC2.5 stars1,100,000123,500
US Créteil2.5 stars600,00042,250
Valenciennes FC2.5 stars675,000107,500
Évian TG3.0 stars2,100,000170,750



Bundesliga (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
1. FC Köln4.0 stars7,000,000660,000
1. FSV Mainz 054.0 stars6,000,000796,000
1899 Hoffenheim4.0 stars12,500,000873,000
Bayer 044.5 stars21,000,0001,251,000
Bor. Dortmund5.0 stars25,500,0002,438,000
Bor. M’gladbach4.5 stars17,000,000997,000
Eint. Frankfurt4.0 stars5,000,000849,000
FC Augsburg4.0 stars5,000,000740,000
FC Bayern5.0 stars68,000,0003,462,000
FC Ingolstadt3.5 stars3,400,000417,000
FC Schalke 044.5 stars18,500,0001,585,000
Hamburger SV4.0 stars5,000,000791,000
Hannover 964.0 stars8,500,000741,000
Hertha BSC4.0 stars7,000,000872,000
SV Darmstadt3.5 stars1,900,000379,000
VfB Stuttgart4.0 stars9,500,000810,000
VfL Wolfsburg4.5 stars42,500,0001,785,000
Werder Bremen4.0 stars3,800,000683,000

Bundesliga 2 (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
1. FC Heidenheim3.0 stars550,00082,500
1. FC Nuremberg3.0 stars850,000297,000
1860 Munich3.0 stars2,800,000227,500
Arminia Bielefeld3.0 stars500,000177,500
Braunschweig3.0 stars1,300,000232,000
F. Düsseldorf3.5 stars1,700,000366,500
FC St. Pauli3.0 stars625,000183,000
FSV Frankfurt3.0 stars575,00079,000
Greuther Fürth3.0 stars1,000,000230,000
Kaiserslautern3.0 stars1,300,000274,500
Karlsruher SC3.0 stars675,000212,000
MSV Duisburg2.5 stars475,000145,500
RB Leipzig3.5 stars12,500,000314,000
SC Freiburg3.5 stars3,400,000327,000
SC Paderborn3.0 stars775,000263,500
SV Sandhausen3.0 stars475,00055,500
Union Berlin3.0 stars1,000,000229,000
VfL Bochum3.0 stars1,000,000313,500



Men's National (46 teams):

TeamStar rating
Argentina5.0 stars
Australia3.5 stars
Austria4.0 stars
Belgium5.0 stars
Bolivia3.0 stars
Brazil5.0 stars
Bulgaria3.0 stars
Cameroon4.0 stars
Canada2.5 stars
Chile4.0 stars
China PR3.5 stars
Columbia4.5 stars
Côte d’Ivoire4.0 stars
Czech Republic3.5 stars
Denmark4.0 stars
Ecuador3.5 stars
Egypt3.5 stars
England5.0 stars
Finland3.5 stars
France5.0 stars
Germany5.0 stars
Greece4.0 stars
Hungary3.5 stars
India1.0 stars
Ireland4.0 stars
Italy5.0 stars
Mexico4.0 stars
Netherlands5.0 stars
New Zealand2.5 stars
Northern Ireland3.5 stars
Norway3.5 stars
Paraguay3.5 stars
Peru3.5 stars
Poland4.0 stars
Portugal5.0 stars
Romania3.5 stars
Russia4.5 stars
Scotland4.0 stars
Slovenia4.0 stars
South Africa3.5 stars
Spain5.0 stars
Sweden4.0 stars
Switzerland4.5 stars
Turkey4.5 stars
United States4.0 stars
Uruguay4.5 stars
Venezuela3.5 stars
Wales4.0 stars



Serie A TIM (20 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Atalanta4.0 stars6,000,000833,000
Bologna3.5 stars10,000,000517,000
Carpi3.5 stars1,600,000514,000
Chievo Verona4.0 stars3,900,000731,000
Empoli3.5 stars2,900,000417,000
Fiorentina4.5 stars16,500,0001,072,000
Frosinone3.0 stars1,500,000161,000
Genoa4.0 stars10,000,000917,000
Hellas Verona4.0 stars4,500,000726,000
Inter4.5 stars32,000,0001,777,000
Juventus5.0 stars51,000,0002,796,500
Lazio4.5 stars15,000,0001,747,000
Milan4.5 stars34,000,0001,911,000
Napoli4.5 stars23,500,0001,959,000
Palermo3.5 stars7,500,000544,000
Roma4.5 stars29,000,0001,954,500
Sampdoria4.0 stars9,000,000741,000
Sassuolo3.5 stars8,500,000557,000
Torino4.0 stars12,000,000942,000
Udinese4.0 stars15,000,000824,000

Serie B (22 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Ascoli2.5 stars425,00040,000
Avellino3.0 stars725,00081,000
Bari3.0 stars1,700,000277,000
Brescia2.5 stars2,500,000100,000
Cagliari3.5 stars4,200,000392,500
Cesena3.0 stars3,400,000211,500
Chiavari2.5 stars425,00044,000
Como2.5 stars500,00046,500
Crotone2.5 stars850,000127,000
La Spezia3.0 stars2,500,000305,000
Lanciano2.5 stars600,00047,500
Latina3.0 stars650,00094,500
Livorno3.0 stars2,100,000168,500
Modena3.0 stars850,000171,000
Novara3.0 stars675,000189,500
Perugia3.0 stars1,000,000192,500
Pescara3.0 stars3,400,000147,000
Salerno3.0 stars1,700,00053,500
Terni2.5 stars850,00049,000
Trapani2.5 stars550,00056,500
Vercelli2.5 stars850,00050,500
Vicenza3.0 stars525,00053,000


Korea Republic

K LEAGUE Classic (12 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Busan I'Park2.5 stars2,500,00044,000
Daejeon Citizen2.0 stars1,300,00044,250
FC Seoul3.0 stars5,000,000197,250
GwangJu FC2.0 stars1,300,00041,500
Incheon United2.0 stars1,700,00039,750
Jeju United2.5 stars3,800,00075,500
Jeonbuk Hyundai3.5 stars7,000,000328,250
Jeonnam Dragons3.0 stars1,700,00047,250
Pohang Steelers3.0 stars5,000,000160,500
Seongnam FC2.5 stars3,000,00073,000
Suwon Bluewings3.0 stars5,000,000101,250
Ulsan Hyundai3.0 stars4,200,000123,750



LIGA Bancomer MX (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
América3.5 stars6,500,000377,500
Atlas3.0 stars1,700,000304,000
Chiapas3.0 stars850,00081,000
Cruz Azul3.5 stars7,000,000408,500
Dorados3.0 stars700,00044,750
Guadalajara3.0 stars4,200,000288,250
León3.5 stars5,000,000345,750
Monarcas Morelia3.5 stars2,500,000148,250
Monterrey3.5 stars8,500,000356,500
Pachuca3.5 stars6,500,000350,000
Puebla3.0 stars725,00052,000
Querétaro3.5 stars1,700,000188,000
Santos Laguna3.5 stars5,000,000346,750
Tigres3.5 stars15,500,000619,000
Tijuana3.0 stars3,400,000313,250
Toluca3.5 stars1,100,000350,000
U.N.A.M.3.0 stars1,700,000219,750
Veracruz3.0 stars1,300,00066,500



Eredivisie (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
ADO Den Haag3.0 stars2,700,000284,000
AZ3.5 stars4,800,000303,000
Ajax4.0 stars11,000,000791,500
De Graafschap2.5 stars1,300,000117,500
Excelsior3.0 stars675,00079,500
FC Groningen3.5 stars3,400,000355,500
FC Twente3.5 stars3,600,000393,000
FC Utrecht3.5 stars3,100,000321,500
Feyenoord4.0 stars6,000,000778,000
Heracles Almelo3.0 stars1,700,000196,000
N.E.C.3.0 stars1,800,000162,000
PEC Zwolle3.0 stars2,000,000252,000
PSV4.0 stars10,500,000871,500
Roda JC3.0 stars1,600,000149,500
SC Cambuur3.0 stars1,100,000169,000
SC Heerenveen3.5 stars3,900,000290,500
Vitesse3.5 stars4,600,000342,000
Willem II3.0 stars1,600,000184,500



Tippeligaen (16 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Aalesunds FK2.5 stars600,00097,000
FK Bodø/Glimt2.0 stars550,00028,000
FK Haugesund2.5 stars525,00054,000
IK Start2.0 stars575,00036,000
Lillestrøm SK2.5 stars1,000,00097,000
Mjøndalen IF1.5 stars450,00027,000
Molde FK3.0 stars1,100,000235,000
Odds BK3.0 stars725,00072,000
Rosenborg BK3.5 stars1,500,000322,000
Sandefjord2.0 stars450,00028,000
Sarpsborg 08 FF2.5 stars500,00052,000
Stabæk Fotball2.5 stars600,000128,000
Strømsgodset IF3.0 stars925,000226,000
Tromsø IL2.5 stars675,000102,000
Viking FK3.0 stars1,100,000107,000
Vålerenga Fotball3.0 stars1,100,000177,000



Ekstraklasa (16 teams)

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Cracovia2.5 stars525,00051,000
Górnik Zabrze2.5 stars500,00052,000
Gornik Leczna2.0 stars450,00029,000
Jagiellonia3.0 stars575,00038,000
Korona Kielce2.0 stars475,00044,000
Lech Poznan3.0 stars1,700,000307,000
Lechia Gdansk3.0 stars850,00069,000
Legia Warszawa3.0 stars2,500,000251,000
Plast Gliwice2.0 stars425,00036,000
Podbeskidzie2.0 stars450,00030,000
Pogón Szczecin2.5 stars550,000132,000
Ruch Chorzów2.0 stars475,00085,000
Termalica1.5 stars425,00027,000
Wisla Kraków2.5 stars775,000116,000
Zaglebie Lubin2.0 stars625,00045,000
Slask Wroclaw3.0 stars675,00070,000



Liga NOS (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Académica3.0 stars800,000319,000
Arouca3.5 stars825,00097,000
Belenenses3.5 stars750,000419,000
Boavista3.0 stars725,000333,000
Estoril Praia3.5 stars1,100,000433,000
FC Porto4.5 stars20,500,0001,745,000
Madeira3.0 stars675,00068,500
Marítimo3.5 stars1,300,000380,000
Moreirense3.5 stars725,00077,500
Nacional3.5 stars1,600,000374,500
Paços Ferreira3.5 stars1,000,000322,500
Rio Ave3.5 stars925,000457,000
SC Braga4.0 stars4,200,000783,000
SL Benfica4.5 stars16,500,0001,720,000
Sporting4.5 stars12,000,0001,202,000
Tondela3.0 stars675,00059,500
V. Guimarães3.5 stars1,500,000579,000
V. Setúbal3.5 stars316,500316,500


Republic of Ireland

SSE Airtricity League (12 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Bohemians FC0.5 stars425,00020,750
Bray Wanderers0.5 stars425,00020,000
Cork City1.0 stars450,00021,250
Derry City0.5 stars425,00020,750
Drogheda Utd0.5 stars425,00022,000
Dundalk1.5 stars475,00024,000
Galway United0.5 stars425,00020,750
Limerick0.5 stars425,00020,750
Longford Town0.5 stars425,00020,000
Shamrock Rovers1.5 stars500,00021,500
Sligo Rovers1.0 stars450,00021,000
St. Pats1.0 stars475,00021,000


Rest of World

Rest of World (10 teams):

TeamStar rating
Atl. Paranaense (Brazil)3.5 stars
Atlético Mineiro (Brazil)4.0 stars
Avaí (Brazil)3.0 stars
Chapecoense (Brazil)3.5 stars
Coritiba (Brazil)3.0 stars
Cruzeiro (Brazil)4.0 stars
Figueirense (Brazil)3.5 stars
Fluminense (Brazil)3.5 stars
Grêmio (Brazil)3.5 stars
Internacional (Brazil)4.0 stars
Joinville (Brazil)3.0 stars
Kaizer Chiefs (South Africa)3.5 stars
Olympiacos CFP (Greece)4.0 stars
Orlando Pirates (South Africa)3.5 stars
Palmeiras (Brazil)4.0 stars
Panathinkaikos (Greece)3.5 stars
PAOK (Greece)3.5 stars
Ponte Preta (Brazil)3.0 stars
Santos (Brazil)3.5 stars
São Paulo (Brazil)4.0 stars
Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)4.5 stars
Vasco da Gama (Brazil)3.0 stars
adidas All Star
(you can purchase this team in the [[EAS FC Catalogue]])
5.0 stars
MLS All-Stars
(you can purchase this team in the [[EAS FC Catalogue]])
4.5 stars
Classic XI
(can't be used in online matches)
5.0 stars



Russian League (16 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Amkar Perm2.5 stars1,300,000152,750
Anzhi Makhachkala3.0 stars3,800,000344,500
CSKA Moskva4.5 stars12,000,0001,196,750
Dinamo Moscow4.0 stars13,500,000635,500
FC Krasnodar4.0 stars8,500,000800,500
FC Rostov3.0 stars3,400,000233,750
FC Ufa3.0 stars1,300,00072,250
FC Ural3.0 stars2,100,000101,000
Krylya Sovetov3.0 stars1,300,00098,500
Kuban Krasnodar3.5 stars4,200,000404,500
Lokomotiv Moscow4.0 stars12,500,000919,000
Mordovia Saransk3.0 stars2,500,00093,000
Rubin Kazan3.5 stars10,000,000440,750
Spartak Moscow4.0 stars17,000,000794,250
Terek Grozny3.0 stars4,200,000349,250
Zenit4.5 stars29,500,0001,568,000


Saudi Arabia

AJL League (14 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Al Ahli3.0 stars7,000,000331,750
Al Faisaly1.5 stars2,500,00044,750
Al Fateh2.5 stars2,500,00062,000
Al Hilal3.5 stars8,500,000407,500
Al Ittihad3.0 stars7,000,000244,250
Al Khaleej1.5 stars1,700,00043,250
Al Nassr3.5 stars8,000,000414,250
Al Qadisiyah1.0 stars1,300,00044,000
Al Raed2.0 stars3,000,00051,750
Al Shabab3.0 stars6,000,000117,750
Al Taawoun2.0 stars2,100,00052,000
Al Wehda1.5 stars1,300,00044,000
Hajer1.5 stars1,700,00044,000
Najran2.0 stars850,00042,500



Scottish Prem (12 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Aberdeen3.0 stars1,700,000238,000
Celtic3.5 stars5,000,000527,000
Dundee FC2.0 stars425,00051,000
Dundee United2.0 stars675,000101,000
Hamilton1.5 stars425,00033,000
Hearts2.5 stars425,00093,000
Inverness CT2.5 stars425,000106,000
Kilmarnock2.5 stars425,00049,000
Motherwell2.0 stars1,300,00096,000
Partick Thistle2.0 stars425,00036,000
Ross County2.0 stars425,00030,000
St. Johnstone2.5 stars425,00049,000



Liga BBVA (20 teams):

FC Barcelona
Real Madrid
TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Athletic Bilbao4.5 stars10,000,0001,447,000
Atlético Madrid5.0 stars51,000,0002,102,000
Celta Vigo4.0 stars6,000,000784,000
FC Barcelona5.0 stars85,000,0003,609,000
Getafe CF4.0 stars5,500,000701,000
Granada CF4.0 stars5,000,000685,000
Levante UD4.0 stars5,500,000711,500
Málaga CF4.0 stars6,000,000826,000
RC Deportivo4.0 stars4,300,000813,000
RCD Espanyol4.0 stars5,500,000715,000
Rayo Vallecano4.0 stars3,400,000728,000
Real Betis4.0 stars5,500,000813,000
Real Madrid5.0 stars85,000,0003,288,000
Real Sociedad4.5 stars7,500,0001,525,000
SD Eibar3.5 stars1,700,000257,000
Sevilla FC4.5 stars29,500,0001,809,000
Sporting Gijón3.5 stars2,300,000519,000
UD Las Palmas3.5 stars3,000,000515,000
Valencia CF4.5 stars59,500,0001,593,000
Villarreal CF4.5 stars8,500,0001,009,000

Liga Adelante (22 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
AD Alcorcón3.0 stars625,000198,250
Albacete3.0 stars475,00074,000
Bilbao Athletic3.0 stars450,00035,250
CA Osasuna3.0 stars1,500,000188,000
CD Leganés3.0 stars475,00051,750
CD Lugo3.0 stars625,00076,000
CD Mirandés3.0 stars475,00043,750
CD Numancia3.0 stars800,000152,000
CD Tenerife3.0 stars725,000188,000
Córdoba CF3.5 stars1,700,000298,500
Deport. Alavés3.0 stars675,00094,750
Elche CF3.0 stars1,600,000166,250
Gimnàstic3.0 stars500,00073,500
Girona CF3.0 stars1,600,000234,250
RCD Mallorca3.0 stars1,700,000231,750
Real Oviedo3.0 stars1,200,000188,250
Real Valladolid3.5 stars2,500,000510,000
Real Zaragoza3.5 stars1,300,000368,500
SD Huesca3.0 stars1,100,000167,750
SD Ponferradina3.0 stars550,00046,500
UD Almería3.5 stars2,500,000396,250
UE Llagostera3.0 stars500,00040,000



Allsvenskan (16 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
AIK3.0 stars1,000,000190,000
BK Häcken3.0 stars625,000144,000
Djurgårdens IF3.0 stars600,000130,000
Falkenbergs FF1.5 stars450,00028,000
GIF Sundsvall1.5 stars425,00035,000
Gefle IF2.0 stars475,00040,000
Halmstads BK2.0 stars450,00047,000
Hammarby2.5 stars725,000125,000
Helsingborgs IF2.5 stars550,000136,000
IF Elfsborg3.0 stars850,000173,000
IFK Göteborg3.0 stars925,000243,000
IFK Norrköping2.5 stars550,000132,000
Kalmar FF2.5 stars600,000176,000
Malmö FF3.0 stars1,200,000272,000
Ãtvidabergs FF1.5 stars425,00033,000
Örebro SK2.0 stars550,00098,000



Raiffeisen SL (10 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
BSC Young Boys3.0 stars3,800,000338,000
FC Basel3.5 stars7,000,000476,750
FC Lugano1.5 stars1,300,00035,500
FC Luzern2.5 stars2,100,00068,000
FC Sion3.0 stars3,000,000215,750
FC St. Gallen2.5 stars1,900,00056,500
FC Thun2.0 stars1,700,000107,000
FC Vaduz2.0 stars1,500,00035,500
FC Zürich3.0 stars3,000,000205,500
Grasshopper3.0 stars2,800,000217,500



Süper Lig (18 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Akhisarspor3.0 stars1,100,000152,000
Antalyaspor3.5 stars3,400,000405,000
Besiktas4.5 stars14,500,0001,117,500
Bursaspor3.5 stars3,800,000660,500
Eskisehirspor3.5 stars1,500,000400,000
Fenerbahçe4.5 stars19,500,0001,210,000
Galatasaray4.5 stars18,000,000979,000
Gaziantepspor3.0 stars1,300,000232,500
Gençlerbirligi3.0 stars2,500,000317,000
Kasimpasa3.5 stars4,800,000489,000
Kayserispor3.5 stars3,800,000305,000
Konyaspor3.5 stars1,700,000191,000
Medipol Basaksehir3.5 stars2,100,000478,000
Mersin3.0 stars1,200,000321,500
Osmanlispor3.0 stars2,100,00075,500
Sivasspor3.5 stars3,000,000417,500
Trabzonspor4.0 stars10,000,000953,000
Çaykur Rizespor3.0 stars1,700,000132,000


United States

MLS (20 teams):

TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
Chicago Fire3.0 stars2,800,000187,000
Colorado Rapids3.0 stars2,800,000219,000
Columbus Crew SC3.0 stars2,800,000297,000
D.C. United3.0 stars2,800,000305,000
FC Dallas3.0 stars2,800,000209,000
Houston Dynamo3.0 stars2,800,000258,000
LA Galaxy3.5 stars2,800,000444,000
Montreal Impact3.0 stars2,800,000304,000
NY Red Bulls3.0 stars2,800,000236,000
NYCFC3.0 stars2,800,000368,000
New England3.0 stars2,800,000234,000
Orlando City3.0 stars2,800,000249,000
Philadelphia3.0 stars2,800,000323,000
Portland3.0 stars2,800,000321,000
Real Salt Lake3.0 stars2,800,000261,000
SJ Earthquakes3.0 stars2,800,000256,000
Sounders FC3.5 stars2,800,000443,000
Sporting KC3.0 stars2,800,000309,000
Toronto FC3.5 stars2,800,000391,000
Whitecaps FC3.0 stars2,600,000278,000



Women's National (12 teams):

Spain Women
TeamStar rating
Australia4.0 stars
Brazil4.5 stars
Canada4.0 stars
China PR4.0 stars
England4.5 stars
France4.5 stars
Germany5.0 stars
Italy3.5 stars
Mexico3.5 stars
Spain3.5 stars
Sweden4.5 stars
United States5.0 stars


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