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Exploits and addons and the like

Some clever users of the site have found various exploits and other tricks to play around with the site, here is a small collection:
!Note: None of the things listed under here are made by me nor can I be made responsible for anything happening to your computer or Useraccount when using some of the stuff mentioned under here!

Some of these Exploits seem to be unavailable because of changes in GameFAQs' Code or because of bugfixes or who knows why. Well, they are still listed here for historical purposes. If you come across a broken link you're too late...

external Gamefox
A nice Firefox extension for the use on the GameFAQs messageboards. Discuss everything GameFOX related on the externalBlood Money board.
GameFOX is around externalsince 2004 and with the update on 2011/01/19 SBAllen introduced the edit function and broke quickpost. The 2011/01/26 update on GameFAQs made a trimmed down quickpost natively availible from GameFAQs. So a lot less people will use GameFOX, but the User CSS and extended Quickpost Features are worth it to stay with GameFOX, but let's see what the future brings to GameFAQs...
Of course I couldn't resist and made my own style sheets for GameFAQs. This stylesheet, called FAQ-Frames makes the headers of the FAQs look more like GameFAQs and can be found in the internalUser Styles for GameFOX Database. To make it more visible, here is the same thing in bigger:

internalUser Styles for GameFOX Database
  arrowYou put the stylesheets into GameFOX by opening arrowGameFOX...arrowStylearrowImport Stylesheet. It's best if you have the .css files somewhere on you hard drive, as you can't link them on the net. So happy downloading and playing around with the stylesheets.
In case you're using the 'Text to Image' addon for Firefox you better turn it off before clicking on this link or you better have a fast connection as there are a lot of pictures there (behind links, but no problem for TTI).

external GameChrome
What GameFOX is for Firefox is ChromeFAQs for Chrome. Features: quickposting, quoting, message and topic highlighting, alternative stylesheets, instant account switching, custom date formats, a toolbar menu, and more.

internal GameFAQs Loginscript
As the old loginscript is not working anymore (again) here is now a link to a newer version on GameFAQs. The 64 bit Version didn't work for me on my x64 machine, but the 32bit version did something but still not quite what I wanted. And also make sure you know what you are doing when entering your login information into a file and run an exe file that could send your login info to whoever besides GameFAQs...

external GameFAQs Toolbar!
Lots of Shortcuts in a internalFirefox Toolbar. Great Thing!

external GameFAQs Searchplugin!
Add GameFAQs to your internalFirefox searchfield.

external User Database!
All known users listed, easy to participate, hard to find some unlisted ones. By Your Eliteness.

  arrowexternal Complete UserDB of the UserIDs under 10.000
(even though the site claims to be a Top 1000) by Corbon440.

  arrowexternal another user database
by sunhawk.

  arrowexternal Banned user list
very vintage!

external WikiFAQs
The GameFAQs encyclopedia as a wiki.

external Secondary Boards FAQ
Here all your questions about the site which are not answered in the sites documentation about itself are answered.

external Scripts for GameFAQs
OTACON120 wrote some useful scripts that improve and ease the unsage of GameFAQs. You can use them with the Firefox extension Greasemonkey. You can find even more userscripts from different people in the next paragraph.

external more User Scripts for GameFAQs
To use the Scripts offered there you need the browser Firefox and the addon Greasemonkey.
I haven't testet all the scripts behind the link yet, so use them at your own risk. But the guys from are doing a good job on keeping their database clean from viruses and other evil stuff. If you found a good script in there just drop me a line and tell me.

View purged Topics
To view topics that would otherwise be purged just search for % on the board and you can see the hidden topics from the last half year or so.

external User Name Check
Write your desired name into the addressbar of your browser behind all the stuff already there and press enter. This site will then tell you if the name you want to use is still available or already in use.

    Find archived users
Don't you hate this? You're reading an old topic and think that one user wrote a really good post and you want to know more but can't post in the topic and ask what you want to know because the topic is archived! And you don't know when the user was online the last time or what his mail address is because you can't see this in archived topics. So what do you do? How do you find the user?
Well, not with GameFAQs, but with google, just search for:
(replace username with the username you are searching for of course...)

external uncensor GameFAQs
a externalGreasemonkey script that guesses the ****'d out words and replaces them somehow accurate.

external GameFAQs Archive
external GameFATs
two huge archives of old Topics (obviously from a time before the archive System was implementet into GameFAQs).

external Mamsaac's huge Archive
Just everything you can archive went unfiltered into mamsaac's database... WOW!

external Karma Calculator
Just enter your username and you get a lot of information...

external GameFAQs Contests
An archive dedicated to all GameFAQs contests since 2002 and over the years it was filled with stats, stats, stats and awesome. And some images from the contests.

external Secret Board Hunting FAQ
Everything about Boardhunting.

external ASCII-ART
It is quite common to use ASCII ART on the boards. Besides from looking good it is a good task to create a goodlooking ASCII-Piece.
If you want to know (quite) everything about ASCII-ART that can be used on the boards just read through these Links and you will find out it's easy to find out. Sadly these ASCIIs cannot be used in FAQs, as the alignments there differ from the boards. All the ASCII is basically useless outside of the GameFAQs boards. But if you are interested in ASCII ART that can be used in FAQs just check out the first section on this page about  internalASCII art in FAQs. DomZ Ninja and osrevad are the people you are searching for.

external GameFAQs server time
That's the current time of the GameFAQs Servers. Why not?
Since v0.72 internalGameFOX supports a clock with the current GameFAQs servertime.

external Feedback tickets
Come on in, join the fun! GameFAQs is afraid of its users and hides the feedback form from the userbase. Once you found it you can choose from a lot different types of feedback tickets. You will find one that fits! Once you sent in a ticket you can view the status of the feedback ticket on this page.

Everything below is somehow outdated... you're too late!

external ChromeFAQs
The smaller brother of GameChrome. Features right now only Quickpost and quoting. Development stopped around the end of 2011.

external GameFaqs Loginscript
Ideal for people with many many Alt Accounts. With this script you log in every account just by pressing one single button and get the karma for this day. Just follow the instructions inside the file. You can do it and this is really usefull.
At least since 2011/10/28 this is not working anymore because SailorBacon now wants a key with your login. But there is an update available near the top of this page with further instructions.

external Karma Calculator
Just paste the link to your userpage in there and be surprised.

external Active Messages
Your Active Messages for easy browsing.

external Spinoff Boards
Sometime around the year 2003 the newest fad was to create GameFAQs Spinoff Boards. Everybody wrote his own code trying to guess what was underneath the GameFAQs frontend. Some people got results that actually looked and felt like the boards of this time. Sadly nearly none of these boards from the list are still active, but to prevent the whole thing from being forgotten here it is.
Also interesting is, that the creator of this list, Onion, tried to become part of the GameFAQs development team and talked with CJayC about this and CJay told some interesting specs about the site. externalRead it all here.
Link working, but horribly outdated!

external Username with spaces
To do so, create a new account with a _ instead of the space, surf to the hp of gf WITHOUT going to the boards, otherwise it's too late, log in, and go to the link above here in another window (or tab) and enter your desired username (with the space instead of the _ ) and the _ will be replaced by a space character und now you can go to the boards.
not working anymore?

external Random Sig
A Firefox Extension, that picks random userwritten sigs. It only works with Greasemonkey.
if you want to have an new line in the sig use the string \n at the place you want the Linebreak.
not working anymore?

external GFCode
And yet another Firefox Extension, that lets you use addidtional html code on the GameFAQs Messageboards. The Messages posted look just like normal Messages for Users without the Extension. But you actually don't need this if you continue reading.
not working anymore, because now included in internalGameFOX

external GFCSS
This is a Stylesheet, that turns the whole side upside down, e.g. removes ads and lots of other stuff and lets you use the extended html code based on GFCode (see above). Once you got GFCSS running you don't need GFCode anymore
To unzip the Addon you need external 7zip.
not working anymore, because now included in internalGameFOX

Last modified: 2014-10-19


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