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Funney Stuff?

Of course there are a lot of funny things to discover on the site, some of them are no longer on the site, but here:

internal Review for The Elder Scrolls IV
A funny review by LinearScaffold that should be about The Elder Scrolls IV, but read it you'll see he confused something there.

internal Review for Long Life (C64)
A funny review by bobwaffles, straight to the point!

internal Review for Sonic Unleashed (Wii)
Another funny review, this time by Sasuke4321, How could this be accepted?! =)

internal Mod Messageboards I
Here you can see, what the Mods do if they think noone is watching! ;)

internal Mod Messageboards II
Another view into the Mod-board.

external Mod only Messageboards - live edition
The Mod-Board Live in old style.

external How GameFAQs got started
A skit on CJayC, and on how GameFAQs was started.

internal A little joke
ffmasterjoe posts about his pain with Strike Force Hydra for the GBA and brian sulpher gives the adequate reply!

external a huge topic
This topic expands the limit of the 500 posts by a lot!

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