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GameFAQs is the home of the mighty Ceej and full of 13yo horny teenagers and 13yo stupid teenagers and lots of good FAQs for nearly every game there is (some of them are written by me, so they must be good...).
For every game there is also a messageboard where Freaks and nOObs can exchange thoughts, trolls can be found like bytes on the internet and the mods are bigger nazis than Hitler would have wanted (except Kaas ;))
Well, in the meantime CJayC left and Sailor Bacon took over and sells the site in parts to the devi..., pardon, to Cnet, well, in the meantime it's CBS Interactive!

Important Links =)

external GameFAQs
First step to doom

external Das Magazin
German speaking messageboard

German speaking spin-off messageboard with pictures, more functions, cooler content and no purge or archivesystem

external selmiak's Contributor - Page
with lots of interesting FAQs and Walkthroughs (some of them are not on the games-part of my homepage yet, so there they are!)

What are you doing here? The other pages about GameFAQs are filled with a lot more interesting stuff about GameFAQs!

Last modified: 2019-01-17


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