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...and where to host them to get a decent review if they are not yet postable on GameFAQs!

This is a linklist. All links direct you to freehosts that allow you to upload and direct link textfiles!

no registration needed:

No matter what you paste there, this works with Sourcecode as well as with plain text. I like the full screen version.
Works good with huge files.

external Pastebin
This is for Sourcecode. But you can also paste plain text in there.
Collapses under too huge files.

external Textsnip
Paste your text in there and click on 'get my url'. And right there you get your link to your textfile. You can also chose your own name for the url
(max 70.000 Characters).

external pastie
yet another simple pastebin in which you can paste your text.
max filesize are 100kb.

external dpaste
Simple pastebin where you paste your text in.
If the filesize is to big you are offered to send them a mail.

external Pastebin...2
Mostly in german. Enter your freely chosen username and the security cody and everything and you can paste your text in. Also has a comment function for viewers.
Collapses under too huge files.

external Lodge it
Simple Pastebin to paste your text in.
Stops after 2000 lines.

Chose your url at first and then paste your text in there. There you go, everyone using the url can see your text.
You can also protect the page with a password, you can upload pictures, etc. The base version is okay, the better version costs money...
Breaks down under huge files.

Since 31st of October 2011 this service is no longer operational. But the url brings you to a page with links to other pages that use the cl1p sourcecode and basically offer the same service. The quality of these services is not yet tested by me.

registration needed:
...but still free.

external Fileden

external Hotlinkfiles

Last modified: 2011-11-27

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