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Music @ selmiak's website


looking good
Well, I just like to build crazy website for my pleasure and to confuse and/or impress you, this is the reason you can see these few images and videos somehow related to music on my website in this new layout with a lot of CSS3 stuff included.

But there is not that much to see as my website's primary content are solutions and walkthroughs for videogames, but because I made all these images and video already I want to show them and here they are.

To the left of this really interesting text is a navigational element with all artists that you can click on. Like I already said, there is not much, but I like music so why not. Of course I have been to many many more concerts but I never had a camera with me on these events, otherwise I would have just lost it or it would have been destroyed. I am very talented at destroying things that are expensive.

And what would the world be without music! Perhaps I will record some more videos and take some more pictures. Especially with video I learned quite some stuff, perhaps there will be something new soon. Stay tuned.

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