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Sega Master System FAQ Completion Project

The aim of this project is to write a complete FAQ for every Sega Master System Game ever released.

So, Enjoy your stay, and view what we have done so far and then get ready to dive in and contribute something by yourself.

If you decide to sign up you can add yourself to up to three games and change the status of your progress. You don't have to sign up to write a guide for the project, just post what game you want to write for in the Topic on the FCB you probably just came from. But all the cool guys have their account here and add their claim personally and post in the topic! Of course registered users have more options and features available...


335 / 341 games have a complete FAQ.
This accounts for 98.24% of all SMS games.

Only 6 games remain uncovered!

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Wonder Boy no longer covered

As most of the users reading the current topic on the FAQ Contributors Board knows, Games has found evidence that the cross-linked guide for Wonder Boy was not adequet to cover the SMS version. Today, Sailor Beacon has removed the Arcade-version guide from the SMS version of the game.

Due to this removal, Wonder Boy now needs a guide for the SMS version of this game.

posted by Games on 2010-02-17 23:30:02

Gangster Town and Rainbow Islands completed

With todays update these guides appeared on GameFAQs. Gangster Town is written and finished by the new to the round but still fantastic Resident Evil Zombie.

Rainbow Islands was completed by Miss Cool Ice, IceQueenZer0.

Keep it up!

posted by selmiak on 2010-02-16 22:27:05

Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting and Rampage completed

The incredible Games finished off Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting and by that also Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting / Safari Hunt somehow, even though the guide was partially accepted and rejected at the same time, but that is GameFAQs' SailorBacon business, let's just say THIS ROCKS!
And to blow even more mind Truly Dexterous strikes again and completed Rrrrrrrrrampage! Yeah!

posted by selmiak on 2010-02-13 02:49:52

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