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Sega Master System FAQ Completion Project

The aim of this project is to write a complete FAQ for every Sega Master System Game ever released.

So, Enjoy your stay, and view what we have done so far and then get ready to dive in and contribute something by yourself.

If you decide to sign up you can add yourself to up to three games and change the status of your progress. You don't have to sign up to write a guide for the project, just post what game you want to write for in the Topic on the FCB you probably just came from. But all the cool guys have their account here and add their claim personally and post in the topic! Of course registered users have more options and features available...


335 / 341 games have a complete FAQ.
This accounts for 98.24% of all SMS games.

Only 6 games remain uncovered!

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NBA Jam added to GameFAQs Database

Looks like this project isn't done yet, the cancelled game "NBA Jam". We may also be getting another game, as the contributor for that game data has also mentioned another game that needs to be complete that is not in GameFAQs' database yet.

posted by Glacoras on 2013-04-14 01:14:38

All Games COVERED!!!!

Yes, you read that right. Every game listed on GameFAQs' database now has a complete guide. The final guides written for the project was Cyborg Z and Doksuri 5 Hyeongjae, both by IceQueenZer0.

However, the final game to get a guide was Wonsiin, but it was a cross-link from a NES game.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this project, whether you offered moral support, wrote a few guides or supplied information to help the project.

posted by Glacoras on 2013-04-10 09:44:10

Lots of new guides and even less to go

Keyblade999 found his way through Gaegujangi Kkachi and also went out of his way and wrote a guide for the SMS version of Dinobasher, even though there was a guide for the NES version already available. Of course we appreciate this extra effort!
And he also cleared F-1 Spirit: The Way To Formula-1 from the list.

While IceQueenZer0 wrote a FAQ for Snail Maze, the game that is hardcoded on the SMS hardware and already had a nice picture FAQ on the hardware site, but someone decided it needs a game page of its own on GameFAQs, so we figured it also needs a complete written FAQ, as we cover everything...

Also Daffy Duck in Hollywood was cleared by TheMightyRoast with his 17th guide for this completion project.

And last but not least subsane wrote his first guide for the project, and it is for RoboCop Versus The Terminator.

Now there are only 3 games left. Unless odino finds some more obscure Korean only games he adds to the GameFAQs database. And 2 of the 3 games left are already claimed by IceQueenZer0, which means the guides are both already 99% finished ;)

So when will the last guide be submitted? Will the sun finally shine once it's done? And who will have to honor to finish off the SMS?

posted by selmiak on 2013-04-06 01:45:11

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