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Sega Master System FAQ Completion Project

The aim of this project is to write a complete FAQ for every Sega Master System Game ever released.

So, Enjoy your stay, and view what we have done so far and then get ready to dive in and contribute something by yourself.

If you decide to sign up you can add yourself to up to three games and change the status of your progress. You don't have to sign up to write a guide for the project, just post what game you want to write for in the Topic on the FCB you probably just came from. But all the cool guys have their account here and add their claim personally and post in the topic! Of course registered users have more options and features available...


335 / 341 games have a complete FAQ.
This accounts for 98.24% of all SMS games.

Only 6 games remain uncovered!

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FA Tetris has a complete guide now

TheMightyRoast strikes again and completes the Tetris clone for the SMS called FA Tetris.

Only 11 uncovered games left!

posted by selmiak on 2013-02-12 03:49:25

February 10th 2013 - a Sunday update

More guides were submitted and accepted during this last week, that are:

KeyBlade999 eliminated Desert Speedtrap, Rygar and Time Soldiers, while TheMightyRoast covered Running Battle and IceQueenZer0 covered Tensai Bakabon.

And while 3 more games are crossed from the list odino did it again and added some more obscure korean SMS games to the GameFAQs database.
But besides that, all North American releases are completed with the guide for Time Soldiers.

posted by selmiak on 2013-02-10 16:35:56

January Update

With 21 submitted and accepted guides January 2013 is the most successful month in the history of the SMS FAQ completion project.
And with only 13 games uncovered left it will be pretty hard to beat this record once more. But reaching 100% coverage of all the SMS games listed on GameFAQs is even better!

So what games were covered since the last newspost here:

IceQueenZer0 covered no less than 4 games in the few day, that are:
Dynamite Headdy, San Goku Shi III, Street Master & Super Kick-Off.

KeyBlade999 covered 2 game, namely Xenon 2 & Earthworm Jim.

edwithgames cleared Black Belt as did TheMightyRoast with Champions of Europe.

Also in February the Game Box Serie Esportes Compilation was crossed from the list already with the Great Volleyball guide by Glacoras.

posted by selmiak on 2013-02-02 00:57:52

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